yang's place

brand and website development

Yang’s Place is a family owned and operated restaurant, bringing Chinese culinary delights to Melbourne’s eclectic dining scene. Starting with a brand identity that honours their traditional-cooking-meets-a-contemporary-dining-experience, we continued the brand journey in collaboration with an architect, where we crafted, guided, conceptualised, art directed and styled the physical space. This tied the spatial elements of their brand with other visual touchpoints: like their website and photography. We created an atmospheric experience visually, with elements like custom illustrations and a custom mural, all developed to pay homage to their traditional culinary mode and cultural customs. Visually, we were inspired by makers, with our focus placed on handcrafted dishes and the food itself.

Brand IdentityLogo DesignWebsite Design & DevelopmentPhotography / Spatial Design / Lino Cutting / Hand IllustrationCustom IllustrationWall Mural / Hand Painting & Water Colours