brand identity and website development 

When a client comes to you prepared with the exact wording for their website and how it may be read aloud …including intonation, they’re one of two things: Type A or a Writer. MRS SMITH had a strong brief with one key sentiment she wanted to get across: “We write things that make people think things or do things, sometimes they say things, but they always feel things. They tingle. They dance like the time they found money in an unexpected place. It’s a curiously palpable respite to all the feelings.” Her nous, passion and bold style of writing inspired all the moving parts in designing a brand identity. From the hot pink, black and white colour palette, to the exclamation point in logo design, and a digital ink splat for added drama – all elements were created to evoke “feeling” and bolster her brand promise.  (of course she's now our go-to writer on all projects)

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