Brand Identity

A modern consumer wants more than just a product or service from a brand; they seek to connect with the voice, message and aesthetic of the business behind it.  From our strategic brand management agency in Collingwood, brand identity forms the foundation of our brand building service, ensuring businesses impact their consumer both visually and verbally.

Name Generation & Identity Design

Your business name and logo are synonymous with your brand, offering insight into your values and vision. Through brand identity design, we build identities for businesses that consumers are drawn to experience; identities that differentiates brands from their competitors.

Tone of Voice & Messaging

For brand identity to impact beyond face value, businesses need a voice; one that clearly reflects who they are and who they want to reach. From taglines to slogans, our Melbourne brand identity design team develop authentic verbal identities that convincingly communicate a brand’s promise.

Brand Guidelines

As brand awareness specialists, we know that consistency drives the recognition and integrity of a brand. Through the creation of bulletproof branding specifications and guidelines, our Melbourne brand identity specialists ensure logos, typography, colours, iconography and images are applied correctly and consistently.

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